Monday, October 10, 2011

Shazam! Foxy Disco Suits with Fierce Seventies Makeup

By Laura Medina

Tracy Reese's Fall 2011 bold, mixed stripes pants suit, hot now.

This Fall is going to be a foxy and fierce mama. She is bold enough to strut directly into Spring all white at the Diane Von Furstenburg show.

Tracy Reese detoured from her usually demure self and went bold and hot, reaching back into the Seventies, mining Glam Rock and Disco for fake furs, sultry wrap dresses (homage to DVF), and tunics.

MAC did the coordinating eye makeup for these fashion shows for a year now, bolding stating this trend, "Discotheque."

Thanks to collaborating with Lady Gaga's stylist, Nicola Formichetti and her makeup artist, Bill Brasfield on their sizzling latest limited edition collection, "Posh Paradise," David Bowie's aka Ziggy Stardust's lightning bolt of an eyeshadow strikes back.

Lady Gaga's theatrical makeup brings back the zany fun of playful cosmetics and paint, but this is intricate makeup painting that can be a little daunting for most. All right, it can be time and money consuming for those on the go.

MAC is here to simplify the "lightning bolt" to accessorize your "fierce" self.

Using the Mod Sixties' "The Modernist" nude and sculptured face as the base, MAC jazzes it up by builing "columns" in darky, moody colors. One column inside the inner eye lid corner then another column on the outer corner to the temple.

With a stiff eyeshadow brush, you can design the outer shadows of a empty "zigzag" center where the iris is located.

Using an iridescent eyeshadow from the glittering, gem-inspired Posh Paradise Collection, you paint in the lightning bolt, zigzagging across the center of the eyelid. Recreate the similar effect on the lower lids, line the inner and outer corners with the same smoky color then line the center lower lid with that same neon eyeshadow.

Shazam! This creates a special effects of "strobing"-popping out the eyes and flashing a bolt of color while blinking those peepers.

Keeping the cheeks bare and easier for you, move onto the lips.

Balance the look with a bold lipstick from the Posh Paradise Collection for that feminist Disco Diva look.

If you go a little wilder with these techniques and the makeup, you already have your Halloween makeup, either as a cross-dressing Glam Rocker or as an "Mad Men" extra.

A dramatically cost-saving holiday look. Now, get on with your fierce self!

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