Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mod Clothes & Makeup thanks to Space Age Technology...Oh so '60's.

By Laura Medina

In an ode to "Mad Men," "The Playboy Club," and "Pan Am," set in the early to mid-Sixties, Pink Tartan and MAC paid homage in Mod clothes with Space Age technology.

Kimberly Newport's Pink Tartan Spring 2012 Collection was buoyed by bouffant hair and nude and smooth makeup and complexion.

According to NPR's "All Things Considered," this is Girl Power in a Girdle, controlled, polished, and focused. Perfection as a shield.

The crisp, swingy A-Line trapeze dresses, the silver pailette sheath dresses, and curveous and streamlined cocktail dress with cut-outs in shiny satin and mod polka dots proudly flashed the mid-Sixties. The silver was influenced by the Space Age and Race. The naughty cut-outs signals the upcoming Feminist Movement, beauty and sex as strenght and liberation.

In keeping with the Mod Sixties' yearn for Spage Age technology, MAC implemented state-of-art chemistry in concocting durable and adjustable but lightweight products for that ideal suede skin with sculptured features that could never be achieved in the Sixties but was idealized then.

MAC's senior makeup artist, Ms. Callahan discovered that one of the prevailing trends on the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and London was the natural face refined back to the Sixties' more matte and sculptured appearance, a matured take on the natural face.

Ms. Callahan coined this Mod Sixties' makeup, "The Modernist."

Perfekt Beauty's founder and CEO, Richard Anderson, taught this holistic fashionista this classic technique of using three foundations to bring out the cheekbones. The middle range foundation matches the all-over skin. One shade darker contours the cheekbones. One shade lighter to bring out theose cheekbones.

MAC brought this trick back for it's long-lasting Styledriven, a new permanent line for fashionistas on the go and MatchMaster, their Space Age foundation that's light and adjustable for all sorts of skintones.

With the basic of products from Styledriven and MatchMaster, "The Modernist" look is attainable and easy. Essentially, "The Modernist" is built on using those 3 related skintone foundations from MatchMaster and using Styledriven cream eyeshadows and lipstick for a semi-matte but durable color.

Technology is always the consistent trend in makeup.

MAC is the only one with the patent for the MatchMaster Foundation. It is a smart foundation that all the work for you. It looks like skin. There is no need to powder. The demi-matte texture stays on, even on oily complexion such as Ms. Callahan's makeup model, Sylvia.

Using the MatchMaster Foundation on the face is like painting foundation on glass. It still covers the face but you will still see the skin. This SPF 15, Ph ++, and vitamin E and C infused formula has 1/3 clear particles. When the light hits the skin, the skin still shows through as the foundation reflects the light. It is true to the skin without the heaviness of a tinted moisturizer. This is the most natural foundation in MAC's foundation line. It is two steps above a tinted moisturizer.

MAC calls MatchMaster, "shade intelligence." An invisible foundation with coverage influenced by your own skin tone.

On the makeup model's face, Ms. Callahan used a MatchMaster one shade lighter than the model's skin tone, in the center of the face to emphasize the cheekbones, nose bridge, and eyebrow bridge. To add definition, sculpture, and shape, an one shade darker MatchMaster to hollow in the cheekbones and temples to bring out the cheekbone.

Using foundation a shade lighter and darker is simpler to remember for most people, as this also harkens back to the flesh-toned Mod Sixties and old black and white movie makeup. This replaces the complicated issue for using too dark and too light blushes which gets confusing.

Another technological trend is durability. This another request from MAC's customers, long-wearing makeup that are standing and versatile for the busy fashionista on the go.

Ms. Callahan, the senior MAC artist is also a mom on the go. She doesn't have the time to reapply and touch up her makeup.

Their new permanent makeup edition, Styledriven compose of long-wearing cream shadows, liners, and lipsticks, lasting six to eight hours.

Another demand from time-pressed customers, versatile products for simpler, quicker application and a lighter load, Styledriver lipstick and blush are interchangeable. Both can be used for cheeks and lips.

Four products for a prim and proper look without the caked-on powder: two MatchMaster foundations, one shade dark and one shade light. Maybe, one or two products to add a touch of color to the cheeks or lips.

There, a soft, polished Modernist Look in Space Age flat minute.

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