Sunday, January 16, 2011

What will Pop Up on the Golden Globe Awards' Red Carpet Tonight

By Laura Medina

Lindsay Albanese, celebrity stylist.
Tonight's Golden Globe Awards launches the Awards Season in Hollywood where the best pick of drama and comedy in movies and television and the actors and actresses are rewarded for their quality and talent, accumulating into the grand finale of the award show that started this all, The Academy Awards, aka, the "Oscars."
The Golden Globes are not just the forerunners and predictors of the Emmys and the Oscars but according to Lindsay Albanese, celebrity stylist, this marks the official debut of the Spring/Summer 2011 Colllections in Haute Couture off the New York/Paris/Milan runways.

Ms. Albanese commented this is the first time true haute couture is worn in the real world by real women who are not models and away from the tents and the catwalk.

Whatever is worn on tonight's red carpet, being modeled by people's favorite actresses with various real-world shapes and sizes, the impact will be felt immediately in party, cocktail, and prom dresses for dances, proms, and coming parties and debutantes. For real women, what they see tonight, they will bookmark in the back of their minds for New Year's Eve.

Award Season is that connection between runway to real life. These set the trends in formal wear.

Awards Season, starting tonight then finishing through to the Academy Awards, is Hollywood's answer to Fashion Week in eveningwear/Haute Couture. This is where fanasty materializes into reality. This is where Hollywood retorts its reputation for "sloppy casual" of fleece sweats and stylishly damaged denim and proving they can and do dress up in the finest that haute couture has to offer in honoring the best in the entertainment industry. The Awards Season is Hollywood's version of showing respect.

The constant classic on the red carpet is the venerable Kevan Hall. Vanessa William's go-to gentleman couturier for galas and events. Awards Season is akin to the Holiday's balls for established social doyennes.

The equally elegant Sue Wong has been discovered by Hollywood's emerging Junior Set making their debut on the red carpet, graduating from night club to galas. Young, bright starlets, such as Kelly Osbourne, flock to Ms. Wong's flippery and retro-flamboyance of the Roaring Twenties in beading and a flurry of feathers in peachy pastels. This is Hollywood's answer to the Debutante Ball where the Junior Set is rising up.
Seeing their favorite actresses, not models, give tonight's audience that wearing that gown or something similar that possiblity that they, too, can wear it for their own special night.

Michelle of Valerie's Cosmetics, left. Michelle & George, middle. George Papanikolas, right.

It is not just the gowns that are making waves in fashion.

The true lasting effects are being felt in cosmetics and hair. Whatever hair and makeup is seen tonight will be felt in daily life for the next year since beauty is more accessible-and changeable.

After returning Kim Kardashian's lush locks back to brunette, Andy Lecompte's George Papanikolas cited for tonight's red carpet expect richer and warmer hues and highlights where twenty years of brash highlights and bleach has been toned down by sweeter touches of caramel and honey highlights, warming up the complexions for blondes.

As the man responsible for turning CW's "Hellcats" Ashley Tisdale and Nicole Richie from blonde to brown sugar brunette. Mr. Papanikolas had won a tidal wave of raves from brunettes who actually rule the hills in Beverly Hills for making the rich tresses lush, thick, and wavy while being primped at Nivea for Men Golden Globe Hospitality Suite, the day before the event.

It is not just hair color is deepening but also hair texture.

Since the Golden Globe is the looser companion to the Academy Awards, Mr. Papanikolas reinstated that the Beach Goddess tresses are still there but the texture is not so gritty as previous but cleaner due to technology. For all the scribe's brunette readers or ones who want to go deep, you are welcomed to see Mr. Papanikolas at Andy Lecompte Salon at 616 North Almont Drive in West Hollywood.

Both Ms. Albanese and him agree to expect more updos at the Academy Awards and more sleeves and less plunging necklines since it is the most serious of award shows. Therefore, the most conservative.

With high definition television and 3-D view thanks to E! Network, there is pressure to have flawless skin while meeting the demands for breathable comfort for one's pores.

Valerie's Cosmetics veteran artist, Michelle Brione said that makeup has to change with technology.

At the beginning of film, dramatic in extreme black and white shows up better in black and white films. When color arrived on the scene, the colors became lighter and brighter but it was still thick as pancake.

Knowing the importance that confidence comes from feeling good in one's skin, Ms. Brione with the fluttery fingers, said that thanks to molecular technology, High Definition makeup is opaque enough to fill in the pores and cover the flaws but light enough not to clog up the skin. Those infused with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and sunscreen improves the skin in the process, especially for those long shoots under the hot spotlight-in the studio or on the red carpet.

What you will watch tonight at the Golden Globe Awards will either make a splash in evening and party wear or a more quiet revolution in hair and makeup.

These are the trends you will have in the back of your mind for the next three months.

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