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Learn the Secrets on Gilt Groupe's "Unracked" series

By Laura Medina

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Former "Scoop" proprietor, Stefani Greenfield, has transited from shop owner to web host for Gilt Groupe's "Unracked" where she has amassed fifteen years of friendship and admiration into an informative, in-depth, sit-down interviews with fashion legends and emerging style influentials.

Here, they open to their old friend, Stefani, about what it takes to be a successful designer and how one can discover personal style without breaking the bank. But, if you must, they will tell you how to have fun doing it.

Each twenty to twenty-five minute interview is chunk full of advice and compassion for new talent and for the average person.

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Diane von Furstenberg reflects on being a veteran, a designer, and being a woman.

She told Ms. Greenfield she decided to become president of Council of Fashion Designers of America because it is the older, wiser designers' and bigger brands' duty to help the young designers to rise up to keep brands and the industry vital.

Even though she hates airing her runway shows right off the bat, Diane loves surfing the net. Digital photography helps her in making new prints when she shoots barks, stones, and leaves while hiking then turns them into prints.

She further ruminates on what it takes to be a success as a woman and her years as a designer.

1. Pay Attention. When she noticed that young, hip girls were buying her original wrap dresses from thrift and vintage stores but the dresses were worn out and the prints and colors were faded, she figured it is time for a comeback. But this second time around, the fabrics and prints will be fresher and the colors more vibrant.

2. Power of Words. Never say the word, "die."

3. Don't think a Mistake. It's an experience. It's a failure at that time and you learn from it.

Her life lessons she learned as a woman designer...
1. There are no short cuts.
2. Have Clarity.
3. Have Strategy.
Then, success occurs.
She also has three phases of womanhood: Development, Enjoyment, and Fulfillment. Diane is between enjoyment and fulfillment.
From an experienced veteran of the fashion scene to an emerging fashion and style influencer, Patricia Fields' former assistant on "Sex in the City" to costume designer and stylist of "Gossip Girl," Eric Daman wants to make elegance fun, accessible, and affordable to the show's yearning fans in his book, "You Know You WANT IT," and budget-friendly but no less sophisticated Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe Collection for the holidays and the Prom.

Of course, you want to know what Blair and Serena are going to wear next season.
The professionally coy Daman hint he will put the young ladies in peach and apricot to warm up their complexions.

The draped and ruched, sunset dress could be for Blair while the spangly mini in coral beadings could be for Serena.
However, Mr. Daman is ecstatic about this beige, silk, belted tunic with the bronze embellishment and beadings. He endorse this can be worn with jeans, leggings, trousers, or by itself if you're sassy enough. Daman mildly hinted this can be a Serena.

Mr. Daman wrote his book, "You Know You WANT IT," to make fashion fun and more humane.
He isn't happy that fashion commentary is now about cut-downs and put-downs. Based on his experience styling actors and models, fashion is about building people's self-esteem up.
The focus of the book also guides people into how to dress like their favorite "Gossip Girl" character, making it more accessible.
He emphasize the importance of stitching and tailoring....

For those aspiring Blairs, Chucks, Serenas, Vanessas, Jennies, Nates, and Dans, Mr. Daman told Ms. Greenfield that he got these actors very young when they had no style knowledge then helped educated them in fashion to where they have their own style.
In that chapter, he will instruct the reader how...
He admits Charles "Chuck" Bass is his favorite "Gossip Girl" character because Chuck proves a man can still be masculine and powerful while wearing a pink button-down shirt, a bow tie, and a Savile Row suit.
Chuck proves being debonair and cultured attracts the ladies, enough for Ms. Greenfield wanting to have drinks with him, despite the fact he is a young man barely into his twenties.
Eric loves how the dapper Chuck sips bourbon with strippers, enough to influence young men to don ties and suits.
Daman describes Blair Waldorf as a cross between East Coast Sophistication meets Olde Hollywood Glamour. Prim and proper glitter.

Serena van der Woodsen is the Kate Moss of the group. Her is of "toss on" chic where she amass such a huge closet of great clothes, pieces, and jewelry that anything put together, at that moment, looks great.
The approach maybe the most attainable but the selecting the pieces are the most calculating.

Daman bluntly said his job is to make the characters believeable and relatable. With the show's two most sophisticated couple, Chuck and Blair, his job is to not make them into caricatures.
As a gift to "Gossip Girl"s most ardent fans, Daman offers fashion-forward but class dresses at realistic teen prices with his Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe Collection.
His riff on accessible couture for under $50 and less proved to be a hit for the holidays that his next collection is for Prom Season.

Going from dressing fictional Manhattanite socialites to dressing real-life celebrities for the approaching Awards Season in Hollywood, Stefani Greenfield flew over to Melrose Avenue to pick Decades' and Decades Two's Cameron Silver.
In this episode,, Mr. Silver advises every woman should have: Little Black Dress, Skirt Suit, and a Bow Tie Blouse. Tie it up for a prim pose or untie it to display a peek-a-boo of cleavage for a softer look.
He suggests you shop like an European, either buy one best item of the season or if you go to a fast fashion retailer like H&M or Target, it pays to buy the best and most expensive item there since it is a way cheaper copy of the way more expensive couture.
Cameron is a big fan of mixing high and low but he disdains diposal fashion, "It's bad for the environment and the closet."
Then, he suggests you be informed and be educated. Do your research.
To dress like those red carpet stars, Cameron said they shop with a mission. They either go directly to the boutique or through their stylists or they check his blog for updates. To make them really red carpet ready, he tells them the tailor is better than a shrink and support wear really makes a world of difference.
For men, they should shop like women when it comes to exploring color and patterns; whereas, women should shop like men. In that, no man will leave the boutique without having his pants hemmed in or his blazer adjusted. No woman should tolerate pushing her sleeves up. Women should have their clothes tailored more.
Watch more on for more words of wisdoms from style setters and designer.

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