Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Need to be Fit to be Summer Fabulous

Top, Bethenny Frankel in Alo. Middle, Oscar Mimosa Activewear. Bottom, stylist Dani Stahl snacking on Pop Chips.

In the second segment of Summer Health and Fitness, here are some top tips from nutritionist to the supermodels prepping for Miami Fashion Week, swimsuit central, stylish activewear created for the fitness-conscious fashionista, and a guilt-free snack that you can tuck into your tote.
Before you can look smashing at the White Parties, much less the beach, or if you dare, a white bikini on a yacht, your figure and confidence have to be in tip top shape.
An accomplished yoga fan, Bethenny Frankel of “Bethenny Getting Married?” and “The Real Housewives of New York,” melted the baby fat away in no time in Alo Sport’s $38 V-Neck Sports Bra and $59 yoga pants. They either at or Nordstrom closest to you.
Oscar Mimosa, an activewear line by Australian, Sarah Harte, infuses dance-inspired and avant-garde construction to the basic activewear in unitards and off-shoulder camisoles with criss-cross straps in high tech, lightweight fibers that evaporates sweat and shields against UV rays while snapping back into shape. They’re Italian fabric specifically manufactured for the rigors of swimming and hard-core yoga. They are a hit among pilate fans and yogis.
You can’t drive on an empty tank. Worse yet, you’ll kill your metabolism into a slow simmer if there is no fuel to burn.
With contribution from “The Daily,” Front Row, Paul Lehr, founder and CEO of Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa with low-fat, high-flavor, and well-rounded “Bikini Cuisine” by Chef Susan Irby, put together, will make you, as “The Daily” says it, “Bikini Babe for Life.”
This is how Mr. Lehr advice for those models baring it on the catwalk during Miami Fashion Week, itsy-bitsy swimwear central…
THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PRITIKIN:1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 2. Learn how to read labels, and never believe the front of a package. The bottle of olive oil spray claims, “Zero Fat, Zero Calories.” But if the serving size is under ½ a gram, the manufacturer can round down, so the serving size is reduced and the calorie and fat content becomes “zero.” 3. Don’t drink your calories. You will fill up much more quickly by eating apples than having a glass of apple juice. A Coke won’t curb your appetite, and you’re likely to eat a cookie afterwards to fill you up. 4. What do you want? A diet full of fiber and nutrients. Your grandmother used to say, 'Eat oatmeal, it’ll stick to you'—and she was right. Egg white omelets are another great option. It may not make you feel quite as full as oatmeal, but you can add mushrooms and other vegetables and make yourself a feast. 5. A better choice some of the time is much better than none of the time. You will have a milkshake or a cheeseburger on occasion, but as long as you’re making better choices some of the time—ideally more of the time—then you will be better off. Do me the service of starting with a giant salad filled with vegetables and a light dressing, followed by a bowl of vegetable chili.You will feel so full that even if you do have the pate-wrapped bacon, you will have far less.6. Salt is a serial killer that has escaped prosecution for years. Finally, everyone else is realizing that the guidelines should be, like we say, 1,500 milligrams or less per day. Hypertension and diabetes happen to many, many people. 7. Olive oil is another food that isn’t as healthy as it seems. On a salad, it’s as bad as Ben & Jerry’s. Yes, it’s healthier than butter, but in terms of your waistline, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Olive oil is not helping you lose weight. 9. Get the real information and make better choices. Which has the most sodium: cornflakes, a loaf of bread, or a bag of chips? Many people would pick the chips, but in reality, the cornflakes have the highest sodium content, followed by the bread, and then the chips. 9. While people may lose weight on these crazy fad diets, they certainly won’t be healthier. The goal isn’t to be thinner in your casket. 10. Eating more doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain weight. Pritikin guests often say they are eating more than ever before—and losing weight. It’s all about calorie density. If you’re filling up on foods that aren’t packed with calories, then you will be satisfied and not ravenously hungry. We find a lifestyle that will keep you feeling full, because a very hungry person will lose will power and indulge immediately.
You’ll reward yourself more than slipping into that sexy white number, you can keep on partying by constantly fueling on crunchy but not fried Pop Chips. Every fashion industry professional, whether they be models, editors, or even he-man male photographers rely on Pop Chips to keep their adrenaline and insulin up and ready and steady to carry them from event to another. Besides, they’re fun to munch!
Now, you’re ready to face the Season in your fabulous self.

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