Monday, May 11, 2009

There's more to May than Mother's Day

Jewel and her Harley-Davidson with her husband, Ty in the background
By Laura Medina
Since Mother's Day has come and gone and Spoleto USA is arriving soon, the entire month of May is Women Rider Month.
If you pick this month's June issue of Vanity Fair and spot its Agenda section, the magazine and with the cooperation of Harley-Davidson are honoring and supporting free-spirited women who equated independence and freedom to zen and the calming focus of the road.
This is the ideal moment to learn the safety, maneuvering, and the proper equipment and attire for riding your hog.
If you go to, you will watch and hear testimonies of sexy but strong women like Jewel, Jillian Michaels, Tricia Helfer, and Deborah DiMiceli commenting on the zen of riding, the sense of independence, and revisiting their inner-tomboys yet sharing the camaderie of fellow motorcycle riders.
Jewel adds on Harley-Davidson's American heritage by saying how great it is to live in this country to ride a hog and drive whatever you want and wherever you want.
The company knows you need more and something deeper to reach women than painting a bike pink.
The seductive Tricia Helfer is not much of a girly-girl but she loves her metallic purple Panther Harley.
Now, don't be startled if that girly-girl in white lace you run into Spoleto might be a Harley-Davidson woman.
She can't think of anything easier and sexier than vooming into town on her own customized Harley.
"Every ride is an escape with a sense of freedom found nowhere else, each road trip is an adventure that gives lifelong memorie," Karen Davidson, Harley-Davidson's Creative Director or General Merchandise and co-founder William A. Davidson's great-granddaughter.
With Summer starting up, now is a great time to handle a hog and hit the road.

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