Monday, May 18, 2009

Slide It, Lock It, Pop It, Jouer Cosmetics

By Laura Medina
There has been a proliferation of stand-alone, convenient makeup of fat, chubby cheek/lip pencils and watery gels in one shade that inevitably gets all jumbled up and lost in the disorganized darkness of a handbag or tote.
What is a busy woman on-the-go, juggling career, kids, gym, and social life, to do?

Philanthropist, movie producer, health fanatic, mother of two, and the founder of Jouer Cosmetics, Christina Zilber faced that exact same dilemma dashing from home, office, gym, and social events while jet-setting between Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.

Frustrated with conventional makeup palettes that offer hundreds of colors when she only wants one or two and tired with digging through her purse for separate pencils and pots, Ms. Zilber took it upon herself to invent a new type of makeup kit is that neat, chic, organized, and travel-friendly that any woman can customized as she goes.

When she found out how fun it is to slide, lock, and pop her individual compacts of multi-tasking tints, crème foundations, concealers, eye shadows, lip glosses, and mascaras off and on for whatever the occasion, Ms. Zilber named her snappy new makeup line, Jouer, French for “play.”

Aptly named, you can customize, simply, and elaborate as the day and night come along. Thanks to her inventive system of interlocking brackets on each compact that slide side-by-side or click back-to-back, you can actually save money and keep your entire makeup kit neat, tidy, and well-coordinated by easily dabbing on a rosy or plum or bronzed lip/cheek tint for daytime then clicking on a lip gloss and mascara for night.

Since each square compact measures a mere one inch and a half, anyone can slip just one compact in her jeans pocket and she is ready to go.

Even for the simplest of days running errands, Ms. Zilber knows women, especially busy moms, still want to look polished leaving the house on the hottest of days. How to look effortless without breaking out in a sweat? Ms. Zilber considerately thought of that when she included Essential Matte Touch, an oil-absorbing face treatment.

Instead of messing around with sticky swats of facial tissues, a swipe of the Matte Touch then a dab on your shiny spots puts an end to that.

There is more to Jouer than interactive compacts you can adjust and blend able makeup in classic shades.

Each and every item is infused with botanical anti-oxidants that soothes and rejuvenates busy, fatigued skin, cheeks, lips, and eye lids.

Jouer Cosmetics is truly the twenty-first century makeup for the modern woman on the go.

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