Monday, March 9, 2009

Sergio Davila, Harkens Back to the Past

By Laura Medina

Sergio Davila is another of the young guards leading the charge of the fresh talent flooding New York Fashion Week.

Curiously, these upstarts are surprisingly conservative in style and presentation.

It is not the usual cool, modern, minimalism at the turn of the twentith-first century.

But, the turn of the twentith century that inspires Mr. Davila.

He relies on his Italian ancestors, who emigrated to Peru in the Twenties before he, himself, settled in the United States.

Early Twentith-Century sportswear, precursor to today's activewear, forms the basis of his collections.

Silk/Cotton blend knits are constant mainstays.

Mr. Davila's pullovers, tunics, hoodies and white canvas trousers very rarely veer away from Twenties' country club tenniswear.

He used the flapper dress as the foundation for his womenswear.

Unlike most young designers, Mr. Davila puts some thought into weather, heat, and humidity.

He included silk and of course, always use silk/cottons knits to stretch and wick the sweat away.

His considerate classicism makes him a fashion "true and pure,"

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