Monday, March 9, 2009

Fit and Polish

Monarchy Collection Olive Wool Melton Multi Zip Tail Coat, Pin Tuck Blouse with Distressed Jeans
By Laura Medina
This past, recent New York Fashion Week Fall 2009, there was a changing of the guards.
Old stalwarts of the past thirty to twenty-five years, such as Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson, have been sweeped aside to the margins or relegated to their show rooms doing simple presentations.
Think of the current economic situation as a financial exfoliation, scrubbing away the hubris and debris, getting rid of the old growth forest.
In their place, are these young sprouts taking their place, beginning anew.

Monarchy Collection One Shoulder Black Jersey Draped Dress
Landing the plum spot, headlining Valentine's Day, was Los Angeles homeboy done good, Eric Kim of Monarchy Collection.
After trudging the catwalks of Los Angeles Fashion Week and toiling away in the obscurity of Las Vegas' tradeshow, PROJECT and MAGIC, Mr. Kim's discipline to craftsmanship and dedication to detail was rewarded with honor and respect among Manhattan's most judgemental fashion critics.
Monarchy Collection High Collard Bib Blouse, Tunnel Collar Tuxedo Jackt, & Tuxedo Stripe Skinny Pants.

Conscious that he is stepping onto one of the world's fashion capital's stage, Mr. Kim drew inspiration from "Mad Men", the prime and proper Betty Draper and her equestrian hobby as the foundation for his New York debut.

The gloomy gothic from his last Los Angeles Fashion Week show has been refined into a serious color palette and strict tailoring and fabrications.

Monarchy Collection Khaki High Collar Trench Coat

Unlike most Los Angeleno designers, Mr. Kim was insightful enough to analyze and adopt to an East Coast audience and a New York Winter.

He still keeps the ease and comfort of jersey knits for his dresses and cowl-neck, hooded sweaters. He presented the high-waisted jean as the current jodhpurs.

However, his capes became more coat-like and his jackets transformed into blazers.

The rugged leather was replaced by melton wool.

Monarchy Collection Olive Double Layer Draped Cape & Ivory Jersey Hooded Dress

His current collection also drew from Anglophilia and that Mod Sixities' television series, "The Avengers," offering strong, sleek womenswear and dapper young gentlemen in Savile Row tailored suits in plaid, topped by bowler hats.

Mr. Kim's New York debut was a smashing success, earning roaring claps and approving nods from the world's toughest and most jaded fashion audience.

Paraphasing a pleasantly surprised fashion critic, "This is the best menswear collection I've seen in a long time."

Mr. Kim's newfound dandyism busts menswear into a new direction, away from the Nineties' black leather blazer for men.

Not only that, he's leading the charge of a fresh crop of young talent taking over the fashion universe in a midst of an economic upheaval of a New World Order.

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