Monday, January 12, 2009

Intelligent Clothes for Smart People Everywhere by Laura Medina

Orthodox Burgundy Fur Collar Bomber Jacket
To paraphase "Full Frontal Fashion TV's" host, James Aguiar, Orthodox is LA clothes for New Yorkers.
To be more accurate, they are real clothes for real women and men. Futuristic touches, such as belt buckles with precise Princess-Line tailoring, offers a refreshing but classic take on sensuality.
An unisex or an androgynous relief from the overtly girly-girly sexiness that had been pounded into everybody's head since Paris Hilton hit the scene seven years ago.
As Orthodox's founder, Eric Niccoli, sense the average woman,-and man, is suffering from a saccharine overload of baby pastels and babydoll tops and cheap chiffon in tacky fabrics.

Orthodox Abbey Dress
When women customers asked for a more fitted, more female figure-friendly cuts of his menswear line, he knew there's potential for a cleaner, more tailored womenswear line.
Mr. Niccoli finds filling a woman's unique wants and needs challenging yet fun, such as the issues of everyday wear ease, presented here in a sophisicated but romantically flowing Abbey Dress with a generous empire waist.
Orthodox Belt Buckle Sweater

He unconsciously created a "Boyfriend/Brother Wardrobe" for women to borrow.

With the military stylings of strict tailoring and strategic zippers and buckle placements, the Belt Buckle Sweater, above, can be worn alone as a very femme fatale sexy sweater dress with dark hosiery and a black, high-heel, knee-high boots.

Orthodox Streamlined Bomber Jacket

As Creative Director/Designer, Mr. Niccoli sucked the puffiness out of the bomber jacket then tuck it into a leaner safari-like jacket then polished it up with functional zippered welted pockets, neatly placed on the torso.

This "Motorcycle Chic" taken to a new level. Replacing the staid blazer with this mean and lean bomber, giving men, not a macho attitude, but a mature yet industrial savviness.

Something that an uber New Yorker, as in James Aguiar, can wear scooting between Manhattan and Paris.

Orthodox Franz Kline Brush Stroked Blouse with high-waisted mini and leather jacket

For the intelligentsia set or clique, Mr. Niccoli used Abstract Expressionist, Franz Kline's "action brush strokes" as New Wavish patterns for this blouse and a dress.

Orthodox Multi-Stripe Wrap Sweater

Not of Orthodox is dipped in moody, inky colors or restricted to strict tailoring.

Remembering how actual women live or want to live, here is this warm weather-friendly wrap sweater in season-less rainbow stripes.

The man, himself, the Creative Director/Designer, Eric Niccoli

Starting out with a simple agenda, designing classic, not staid, clothes that are fashionable, not faddish, Eric Niccoli unexpectedly constructed a subtly sensual clothing line where women still want to dress like women, not little girls; and where men want to dress like men for the twentieth-first century, not their grandfathers.

He surprisingly outfitted a new generation of a Bloomsbury Group for the new century.