Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantastic Futuristic

By Laura Medina

The new stylings for the new year is a jambalaya mix of nineteenth-century undergarments sliced through with "Blade Runner" New Wave bobs and makeup.

If you can pick and choose among the era-mixing collection, you can quickly find something you can right now, like this checkered coat.

The New Year rocks out in glamorous Lurex leggings or...

the more fashion-forward Lurex-infused denim that are popping in twill and other wovens. This is the subversive trend of the upcoming year-subtle, shimmering fabrics in, loud baubles out.

For a night out, you can rock the metallic leggings or denim by pairing them with a faux-fur jacket or a Mid-Sixties Mod Edwardian Coat in black velvet.
Both can be had at an accessible. You either hunt them down at a vintage or consignment boutique or hit your local tween/teen store at the mall. Knock-offs are wonderful!

An more elusive trend is Victorian underpinnings or foundation lingerie in creamy linen.
This is the new "underwear as outerwear," a modest one but with more versatility. This can make your office outfit more feminine which can be stretch out for a demure religious service look or a romantic but just as chic Summer cover-up.

Bohemia blossoms out in big floral Maxi prints. Less Hippy, more Bloomsbury Group, a collection of proto-hippies rebelling against the restrains of Victorian values at the turn of the century than Fifities' Eisenhower's values.

Welcome the New Year and the arriving Spring then the eventually Autumn in Bloomsbury's softer silhoutte and knits, bursting in flowers with deep intellectual romanticism.

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