Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Max Azria, Working Girl, Spring/Summer 2009

Mocha Cotton Vest & Trouser
Remember Melanie Griffith's worship to Eigthies' power dressing in "Working Girl"?
Max Azria retooled it. He removed the linebacker shoulder pads. The pouf has been deflated. The power prints and the bold, in-your-face color palettes have been subdued into soothing earth tones, the refined version of the Eighties and Ninities's beige and browns and taupes.
He washed out the harshness of career dressing.
Mocha Silk Jersey Halter Dress
He disassembled the stiff armor of Ninties' stiff nylon and thick stretch black cotton then inserted more mallable silk jersey and lightweight cotton.
The softer, kinder, gentler version of minimalism.
Beige Cardigan, Mesh Tank, Leather Crop Pant
Mr. Azria also pushed forward the concept of together outfits together. For a casual outing, romp around town, he pair of leather pants, so futuristic that they look downright casual as khakis, with a more conventional, cozy wrap cardigan.

Silk Jersey One Shoulder Tunic

He also change the idea of eveningwear. Just as soft and easy as casualwear but no less luxurious. The fluidity of draping signifies a new wardrobe that examplifies multiple usage of day-to-night dressing.

Cap Sleeve Jacket, Crepe Shorts with Flounce

Here is another concept that Mr. Azria has turned on its head, taking the atheletic zippered jacket then feminized it into upscale contemporary. Shorts become dressier with a flounce, almost skirt-like.

He also changed the way leather is used and viewed. He took out the black then redid it in mauve, taupe, and cream then soften it in supple textures that makes it appear khakis far away when it is not. He deconstructed the traditional black leather blazer or jacket then retooled it into more cardigan-like construction and knitwear earth tones.

Mr. Max Azria is not normally heralded as an innovator, but his foresight in how women want to live and how to dress is visionary.

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