Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot, French, Jazzy Swimwear

By Laura Medina
September 19, 2008

Gottex’s designer, Israeli Gideon Oberson, knows what real women want. Something elegant to wear on the beach. Something elegant enough to wear at the beachside café and restaurant without feeling overdressed or underdressed.

For Mr. Oberson, it was not about trying too hard to be sexy in order to look beautiful, it was about building confidence about portion and exposure. He knew if he offered enough coverage in the right area while exposing the certain areas for heat relief and comfort. He can make any woman at any age feel sexy.

Mr. Oberson was about portion, covering up while exposing another. For example, the bikini top with long, flowing sailor pants turned long skirt with the slit right under the knee.

Most of the swimsuits were topped with big, floppy sun hats shielding the face from the UV rays.
He gave women plenty of options in coverage and sun protection that were “Chanel Chic.”

The fail-safe black and while color palette were influenced by Chanel and the French Riviera.

The French nautical theme was hammered into further refinement by the anchor insignia, cheekily embroidered on a breast cup in gold thread.

The French sailor bib was cute.

The bikini bottoms were almost boyshort cut, not high-cut. They showed just enough peek of the butt without exposing too much cheek. The waistline hits just under the navel, not too high waisted to be faddish. The bottoms look comfortable to move and play in.

The collection became more increasingly elegant with clever concealment.

A woman who exercises normally, not extreme, and has yet to have a painful tummy tuck can option for this Old Hollywood Glamour of a bikini doubling as a shawl turned hood with a high-waisted bowed bottom in cream.

For a more modern, sporty but ingenious twist, taking a full-body caftan in a fuchsia Pucci-like motif then spooling It into a long scarf.

Gideon Oberson has an uncanny knack of knowing what women really want. Cute swimsuit, adorable to feel young yet exposing and concealing the right areas to be practical.

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