Thursday, May 8, 2008

Real Jeans for Real Women with Real Curves

Finally, there is a jean that fashionable Baby Boomers and curvaceous Gen-Xers and Yers can wear without looking or feeling frumpy and dumpy. Ok, a pair of sophisicated denim that the plus-sized teen can wear without feeling left out.

The company behind the Tummy Tuck Jeans may call themselves, "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" or "NYDJ," for short. But ample-sized teenaged daughters are stealing these slimming denim out of their mother's closet-and never returning them back! Now, mothers are buying these specially-constructed jeans for their own daughters, making them truly a "Mother & Daughter" jean that can be pass down and around.

The reason behind Tummy Tuck Jeans was Lisa Rudes-Sandel's frustration in finding a decent pair of jeans. The comtemporary jeans were too low for her-and she's a health-conscious Baby Boomer who exercises-while the high-rise jeans in the market were "Mommy Jeans." They're high rise-yes, but the too-tight waistline, loose front panel, droopy butt, and poor detailing were making Lisa depressed.

She put her family's experience in women's sportwear construction to efficient use. Lisa pulled her veteran garment manufacturer father out of retirement. He leaves it up to her to handling the styling and fit and trends while he focuses on the business and manufacturing.

He understands his daughter's plight in finding fashionable clothing that are actually wearable. Shaking his head, George Rudes, Lisa's dad, feels sorry for the huge but ignored middle-aged Baby Boomer ladies yet he's upset with contemporary fashion dismissing this huge, influential,-and affluent market. He complains the industry is bypassing them for a very slender segment of the tween and teen market under a size 6 by offering nothing but extreme low-risers in skinny sizes that the majority can't wear, at exorbitant prices.

This father-and-daughter team seeks to remedy this while filling in a niche. Give ladies quality jeans that solve figure flaws at a reasonable price under $100. They're determined to get rid of the "muffin top" flab.

Lisa simply eliminate the dreaded "Belly Bulge" by inserting stretch front panels on both sides of the zipper with reinforced criss-cross binding with top-secret construction for the butt/seat. With the combination of tummy-flattening technology and butt-lifting stitiching, Tummy Tuck Jeans makes the wearer look one size smaller. She unexpectedly invented "The Reinforced Jean" and unknowingly rushed in this current trend of high-rise jeans.

The competitors, mostly contemporary, think they beat the Rudes to the punch by flooding the market with ultra-high-and ultra-tight-extreme high risers. But, they lack the patience in understanding the mature woman's needs and the special construction removing bulges and pudges. And, they still focus on skinny teens while forgetting their plus-sized counterparts.

Tummy Tuck Jeans are the only jeans in the market where you have to wear it one size smaller than you normally wear in order to fit. Unheard of in the denim world. For a pair of jeans retailing nationwide in Dillard's and Nordstrom for $98, Not Your Daughter's Jeans put a lot of care and detail in their jeans. They want to make sure it's a wardrobe investment, from the tonal stitching to the butter soft wash. Lisa wants her jeans comfortable enough for running errands during the day but nice enough for evening. "All you have to do is throw on a nice top." These tummy eliminators also come in petites, so ladies can buy directly off the rack without making a stop to the tailor or do a poor hem job themselves.

NYDJ is kind enough to respond to die-hard fans' testimonials and letters. Their fans swoon how these tummy trimming jeans made their husbands fall in love-or lust-with them again. Most are military wives. NYDJ is also sharp enough to spot an emerging but unfulfilled market-military moms shopping at the px/military exchange.

The Army and Air Force exchanges were the first to carry this line. Then, Navy and the Marines followed suit, recognizing it's not just the wives but their daughters and fellow women soldiers who need stylish civilian wear.

Lisa and George Rudes make sure no one is left out in being chic, fashionable, and stylish without breaking the bank or looking stupid.

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