Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belle du Jour of the Ball

By Laura Medina
Bow & Arrow aims for the debutante. Whether she’s in the cotillion, the bat mitvah or the prom, quinceanera, or being groomed as a young socialite joining the ranks of debutante ball, Alan del Rosario is there for her. Alan’s sugary confection of hot pink silk and chiffon is there to supply a whole season of sorority semi-formals and formals. His frocks can clothe a whole Sweet Sixteen party. He could be a courtier to “Gossip Girl.” Posh princesses.
Alan does more than just pretty-in-pink party dresses. He revives Bianca Jagger from the Seventies. With tightly-tailored and sharp editing, Alan offers daytime pant and dress suits in pristine white and mature gray. Perfect daywear from an internship or just something special to wear during the day.
A young lady doesn’t have to go all lot and wear the whole ensemble for the whole season. If resourceful enough, the pant and dress suits can be broken down into separates spicing up jeans and tees for that causal chic.

The black jumper with embroidered hem, paired with heads, can be a kooky but cute tunic.

With Alan’s Fall 08 Collection, a girl can go beyond being the belle of the ball. She can be the Queen of the Chic Clique.

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