Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Michael Des Barres' "Anarchy In The UK" Offers Peace, Love, Kindness, & Compassion for Social Justice, During These COVID-19 Times.

By Laura Medina

Legendary rocker and actor (he was the original "Murdoc" in the original eighties' "MacGyver" then returned to today's revamped "MacGyver" as "Nicholas Helman"), Michael Des Barres had no idea that his softer, more soulful, ballad take on the Sex Pistol's punk rock classic would fit in, just so, during COVID-19 virus, pandemic, and the accompanying quarantine then the social justice protests and the following riots and lootings. 

"I recorded this before the pandemic, before the quarantine."

"I've experienced making hits and having hits in the past."  He's not interested in making hits now, "I'm not Billie Eilish."  His songs welcome anybody.

He recorded this song for anyone, whether it be "two people or 2,000 people."
"Not aiming to anyone."

“I wanted to record the song as if it was a warning that we live in dangerous times and the only thing to negate that danger is loving and being there for each other. It’s an opportunity to understand that love conquers all, especially now." 
Michael is more interested in making the world a better place.

"Belief in something."  

"Make music to mean something."

It's about embracing more understanding about ourselves, "Who the f*ck gonna love you when you can't love yourself?!"

He was kind enough to being interviewed during his break from hosting three hours of Little Steven's Garage Rock's "Underground Garage" on Sirius XM's Radio Channel 21,, takes him eight hours to curate, edit, and produce.


"What we need is more love, kindness, compassion, and understanding."

He quoted that all these social revolutions is like a warning to the environment and society.

He, also, commented in this age of social media, secrets are being revealed.  There are no secrets.

"With COVID-19, it only emphasize society needs more humanity, love, kindness, and compassion."

As for remaking the manic "Anarchy In The UK," into a ballad, for him to perform it literally, he wouldn't be an artist, "It's up to the artist to remake it into something new. If you don't do that, you're not an artist."

“I have reinterpreted it in my own way to reflect the times we live in.”

“I think doing cover songs is a very good way to show audiences who you like and, for young bands, to learn how to write a great song,” he considers. “Listen to the greats, but never copy them.”

Since he's been a rocker since 1972, he mentioned that "Anarchy In The UK" was written by and about working-class kids with no jobs (similar to what's happening in today's quarantine's economy).  The Sex Pistol's Steve Jones and John Lydon wrote it.  Before Michael released his version recently, he played his ballad version, to Steve Jones.

“I’m a huge fan of the Sex Pistols — Steve Jones, who I was in a band with in the 80s (Chequered Past), is one of the greatest guitarists rock n’ roll has ever experienced and I love him dearly,” he continues. “And I think John Lydon created a masterpiece lyrically."

His "Anarchy In The UK" ballad is observational, "What's happening in the world. More of a warning."  For him, it's about social justice.

One percent of the profits from "Anarchy In The UK," will be donated to

What's Michael Des Barres is passionate about is homelessness and tent cities, especially when they're being exposed to COVID-19.

100% of the proceeds from the release will be donated to the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival in an effort to confront the interlocking evils of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism,” Des Barres shares. 

For him, it's all about social justice.  An organization championing humanity.

If you wait towards the end of his video, you'll read and learn about

Regarding social justice, again, he commented there no secrets.  They're being revealed.

As a working actor, Michael also noted that the pandemic ground film and TV production to the halt.  "No one is working. No movies (production) since March. Business shut down."

No worries for this entertainment veteran and rock legend.

He's doing fine now a days.

While being stay safe and healthy from the pandemic, he has an home gym; and he's quite busy on radio.

These days, he can be heard DJ-ing on SiriusXM, including Little Steven’s Underground Garage, continuously releasing new music through rocker (E Street Band) and actor (The Sopranos) Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

“Working with Steven producing has been the highlight of my musical career,” he says.

The love is mutual: “Michael continues to evolve, evoke, and provoke,” Van Zandt adds. “As he extends his streak of his new work being his best work, he proves once again that virtually everyone from the Rock Era has made the very concept of chronological time totally irrelevant!”

“We’re not here to impress, we’re here to learn and entertain,” he offers. “I’ve never been interested in technical ability, I’m interested in what an artist is feeling. It’s why I say to only write music to please yourself, never write what you think you should be writing.

Michael suggests while being positive and righting social injustices, "You should wear spectacular clothing while you're doing it!," being the rocker that he is.
“Regret nothing. Just be kind, be cool, and be courageous!”

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