Thursday, February 20, 2020

If Jordan Peele was Quentin Tarantino, He Executive Produced His Idea of Vigilante Revenge Porn, Amazon Prime's "Hunters" with Al Pacino.

By Laura Medina

Set in cesspool 1977 Manhattan and the outer boroughs, Amazon Prime's "Hunters" centers around an underground battle between Holocaust survivors cum warriors/secret agents, called "Hunters," an Holocaust Justice League setting wrongs, right versus existing Nazis forced underground, living new lives in America, with new identities.

The 5 episode series is played out like a Seventies comic book strip with a lot of "grindhouse" violence-revenge galore, pretty much in the same of a Quentin Tarantino movie.  No wonder Al Pacino plays "Hunters" mastermind and Holocaust survivor, Meyer Offerman.

It's also a coming of age, done comic book hero style.  It starts off with barely legal, minor Jewish drug dealer,  Jonah Heidelbaum. He lives with his Holocaust survivor, grandma who cooks a mean, made from scratch chicken noodle soup, with chunks of real chicken.  

Unbeknownst to him, grandma was more than a survivor.  Meyer told Jonah, his grandma was a warrior.  This is sets off an hero's journey, with a mentor.  Walking in "Star Wars" mentor/student footsteps. Ironically, "Star Wars" debut in 1977.

The much younger stars of "Hunters" happily arrived at the Hunter Experience where the theater screening the first episode, was transformed into nitty-gritty Times Square, where actors get into characters, playing stereotypical sleazy Seventies husters, hookers, and pimps. For you all fashion and vintage hoaders, this is a good example of holding onto your vintage fur and tanned leather jackets and patchwork suede.

This fresh, young cast excitedly introduced the screening of the first episode, in front of a live audience.

The party continued to the afterparty, where Highland Park Bowl was transformed into a NY pizzeria/bowling alley.

"Hunters" inspired cocktails free-flowing...

Pizza wolfing down every minute...

Blinking strawberry lemonade cotton candy...

There are still characters playing street performers, like this Coney Island tap dancer...

If you want to catch Amazon Prime's "Hunters," it'll air this Friday, February 21st for five episodes.

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