Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy Endings and a New Chapter for Ron Robinson, Reveals the Secrets Behind Ron, Wife, Sharon & Righ-Lady, Karen Meena.

By Laura Medina

Ron Robinson, the man and his stores, have been legendary.  They set the standard for a many hip and trendy boutiques to follow, copy, and live up to.

Unfortunately, like any hip and trendy stores, Ron Robinson the store, will be transiting into a purely online retailer by January 31, 2020.  That the same day that physical brick and mortar store, on Melrose, will shut down for good.

Like any good trend-forecasting retailer, they can't help but notice the slower and lighter foot traffic with increasing online sales.

They proves that being trendy knows no age.  Before they let go of their Santa Monica location, it was a wellness hub.  The early Saturday morning free yoga and pilates classes, right next to Norma Kamali athleisure while promoting up and coming healthy morning breakfast and treats.  Ron Robinson has been a young business cheerleader.

To the very end, Ron Robinson has always been about lifestyle and socio-graphic changes then responding and meeting changing society's needs and wants.

Trends come from technology, as in stretch weave and knits covered in sequins, easy and comfortable glam. Now a days, nobody should suffer for fashion.  Even as the physical boutique is fading away, technology still drives Ron Robinson online, for anyone, anywhere, and anytime.  Here, Ron's wife, Sharon wearing Norma Kamali Single Breast Jacket,,:

Overlapping Sequin High Shoulder Single Breasted Jacket is a festive alternate to a classic Single Breasted Jacket. Gently curved to flatter and tailored to perfection with notched lapels, a sharp padded shoulder and velcro closure, this jacket is covered in sequins with raw, clean cut edges making it a wrinkle free and travel friendly piece!
  • Slim fit
  • All over sequins
  • Front velcro closure
  • Welt pockets
  • Notched lapels
  • Extra padded shoulder pads
  • Chest pocket

Sharon Robinson, is the brains to Ron's heart.

Whereas, Karen Meena, Vice-President of buying and Merchandising, is his right-hand lady. 

Two months before Ron's "Happy Endings" holiday party, the trio did a Questions & Answers seminar, where Karen made a very rare appearance.

During the Q&A, they let it all out, like Ron's book, "RON ROBINSON xxxx YEARS"

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to go into retail, online or physical brick and mortar.

During their Q&A, behind the appearance of being fresh and new or on the cusp or on the cutting edge, Ron and Sharon look for experience in hiring their employees.

Karen said she run her own store before she joined Ron.

Sharon was a head buyer for a corporate department store before Ron hooked her, by saying she's tough enough and smart to help run his then-emerging store then further sweeten the deal by saying, she has a definite say in running his business.

Sharon even decides if they do a cocktail or an event, in this age of social media.

These are the women behind the throne.

If you read the book, it's a down to earth, honest, literally an open book of what it is really like running a constantly hot and hip, trendy boutique, like being robbed at gun point.

Even after dealing with all sorts of envy and robbery, Ron is still a sweet guy who still yearns for his Texas hometown Split Pea Soup.

Well, once his son, Max, carries his business online, Ron may rediscover his Split Pea Soup.

At the Happy Endings shindig, Ron lets it be known that his business is financially healthy. 
It's not going out of business.  Of course, his freebie Saturday morning fitness classes were an hit.

It's that, after fifty-two years of doing and experiencing and witness everything in the upscale, fashion-forward business, with an open-mind and eyes, he and Sharon want to explore and experience new things, new places, and new people.  Once the business is in Max's good hands, Ron and Sharon are ready for new chapters.

Good news fashion newbies, Karen will be doing consulting.

As for this small-town Southern scribe, I'm honored to be considered a quasi-family friend or the neighborhood cat that never left.  It took me 30 years, from reading about him in them Hollywood magazines to actually doing yoga and cocktailing with the man and his family.  In the 10 years, Ron has proved to be somewhat of a Santa Claus because of his heart.

He shall be missed, an one of a kind.

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