Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Athleisure Fashion, Athleisure Makeup, Athleisure Skincare, & Athleisure Juices, It's a Lifestyle.

By Laura Medina
 For the true coaches, trainers, and yogis, athleisure is a lifestyle.

Athleisure is you all's uniform, from studio to gym to super market to cocktails, without skipping a beat.

For awards shows nominees, this is last-minute fitness for the red carpet.
The fitness fanatics own this as their way of life, no excuses.

This is how you all deal...

Alala has launched their exclusive collaboration with Barry’s Bootcamp
. Consisting of three styles (a bra, tights, and jacket), the collaboration is now available for purchase on the Barry’s website, as well as in select Barry’s Bootcamp locations. 

"The Barry's woman and the Alala woman are one-of-a-kind. She loves getting the most out of her workouts, her gear, and every aspect of her day. We chose an exclusive icy blue color for the collection that we feel represents strength and femininity, and remains fashion forward. The designs of each piece are perfect for the high energy, motivation vibe of the Barry's workout," says Founder & CEO of Alala, Denise Lee

In the era of girl positivity and women empowerment, Minnie Mouse is celebrating her ninety years old birthday. To honor her enduring charm, Terez Athleisure with Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer, Tracey Anderson, Pressed Juicery, and Dose of Color are celebrating her birthday.
Disney chose Tracy Anderson to teach her signature high-energy, dance cardio class for the Minnie-inspired workout in order to encourage attendees to have fun and celebrate the bold and lively spirit of #MinnieStyle in light of her 90th anniversary,"
 Terez’s new Minnie Mouse-themed collection (a follow-up to the brand's Mickey Mouse-themed line that launched in October). The new line of women’s and girl’s leggings, T-shirts and sweatshirts ($52 to $120) are decorated with Minnie Mouse patterns and polka dots.
"Minnie Mouse represents our philosophy in such a unique and powerful way," said Zara Terez Tisch, founder and CEO of Terez. "We've infused our new Minnie collection with her infectious energy, creating styles that are distinctive and playful, and also very wearable. Ultimately, we want them to make you smile." Known for her love of polka dots and bold patterns, Minnie has served as a muse for fashion designers, artists and fans around the globe, and Disney has collaborated on themed collections with everyone from Christopher Kane and Lacoste, to Kate Spade and Coach. In celebration of this milestone anniversary, milliner Gigi Burris, Torrid, Happy Feet, Pandora Jewelry, Crocs and Jewelmark will also release Minnie-inspired capsule collections
.Los Angeles company Pressed Juicery will be rolling out new limited-edition, Minnie-inspired juices: Pineapple Greens and Dragon Fruit Punch
Even Dose of Color is celebrating Minnie Mouse's birthday
Yogis and Pilates trainers complain they go, from one studio to another to all points, without a shower.

Yuni Beauty is here to help.

Save time and enhance performance with YUNI’s convenient, portable natural body care solutions. Active natural ingredients and energizing plant-based essential oils accelerate muscle recovery and transform the chore of post-workout clean-up into a quick yet deeply refreshing ritual. YUNI is your source for active beauty solutions.

Stuck in traffic, knowing your late for the yoga/pilates class you're gonna teach? Ease stress and bring life back into balance by restoring a calm, relaxed focus with YUNI’s proprietary blend of natural essential oils. Use it during Yoga to lock Savasana's unique sensation of relaxation in your memory or anytime you feel the need for an uplifting sensorial treat.

Transform skin and senses with YUNI’s naturally active revitalizing treatments. Featuring buriti oil, coconut oil, echinacea stem cells, turmeric, green tea extract, and select organic skincare ingredients, YUNI’s natural skin care restores the natural smoothness, resilience, and youthful glow of healthy skin to banish sweat yoga and pilates-induced pimples and blemishes.

Treat the dulling, drying effects of sun, stress, and pollution with a lightweight aromatic oil infusion that works while you work out. Body heat-activated organic argan nut and kukui seed oils penetrate to condition hair and restore a naturally healthy shine.

Liz Earle is also for the yogi, gym nut, and pilates.

Athleisure is the real 21st Century fashion.


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