Monday, December 10, 2018

Teen Vogue Summit 2018, Girl Power with Serena Williams, Eva Longeria, & Cara Delevingne then with William Morris Endeavor & The Wall Group.

By Laura Medina

It's one thing to feel it.  It's one thing to say it.  It's another thing to put it in action then experience it.

Teen Vogue Summit is girl power and female empowerment in action.

Lindsay Peoples Wagner

What Elaine Welteroth set in motion, Teen Vogue's newest Editor in Chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner continues it.

When Elaine broke the mold in what an editor in chief should look like and be, she made a new model and standards for others to follow.

Elaine's successor is nothing more than a Wisconsin girl, who happens to be African-American who still sees herself as a Midwestern Girl. Relatability is the key, the outreach, and the empathy.  You're not alone in looks, background, interest, curiosity, and career goals.

All together now, it's girl power, live in the flesh.

As the emcee, Lindsay Peoples Wagner get the show up and running by introducing the first lecture by the first celebrity, Cara Delevingne for their "21 Under 21," influential teens and young ladies making real changes in the world.
Cara Delevingne 
Despite her aristocratic lineage, Cara said she still has to work.  When she's not working as a model and actress, she's an adventure tomboy, scaling and hiking icebergs on her free time.
Then, she discussed how young people under the age of 21 are authentic about making real changes in politics and society, which "21 Under 21" was all about.
Of course, the real big, shining star is role model, Serena Williams.
She talked about where she is now.  She's a new mom who's still a professional athlete trying to squeeze in time to be a nurturing, attentive mom.  She's also a fashion entrepreneur whose business is entirely online.  Therefore, Serena wants to learn how to code.
Eva Longeria
Ever wondered what happened to former "Desperate Housewives" Eve Longeria?
During Teen Vogue Summit 2018's "Agents of Change," she informed folks what she's been up to.  Soon after the tv series concluded, Eva returned to college for her Masters Degree.  She added to the captive audience, that she was the last one, in her family, to receive her Masters.  Her family chided her for being an underachiever, despite her fame and popularity.
While studying for her Masters, Eva focused on Environmental Racism.  It's a fancy, technical, short-hand terminology for being forced to live in a polluted neighborhood because it's cheap.
What these people make up in saving money in an industrial neighborhood, they in health and well-being and long-term lives.  It's the folks forced to live near an airport and dealing with noise pollution or living near a factory zone spewing toxie waste then dealing with serious cancers and illnesses.
This is where Eva Longeria is using her fame, tackling Environmental Racism.
The actual first day of Teen Vogue Summit 2018 was Career Immersion Friday, where attendees are forced to go where the lecturers are working.  Welcome to William Morris Endeavor Headquarters.  
From representing circus performers and stage vaudeville performers,  William Morris followed their vaudeville actors into Golden Age movie stars, such as Charlie Chaplin.  Once this happened, William Morris, now William Morris Endeavor has been a standard bearer of all talent agencies, big and small, following in their footsteps.

Fast-forward one hundred twenty years later, to today, the women agents of William Morris Endeavor welcome Teen Vogue Summit guests with open arms while swinging the doors open and pulling back the curtain of what it really means to be a talent agent.

The women of William Morris Endeavor, first started off, saying "We are not assholes," busting today's arrogant stereotype of a jerk.

Still, these women agents, firmly state, that as someone's talent agent, you are your clients' advocate.  Sure, you may have entertainment/intellectual law background but all the lawyers are in Business Affairs, to iron out the details.  These William Morris women are more like the local high school guidance counselor but with way more cool factor and a more adult, mature influence and persuasion with way more far-ranging connections.

Under their wings, William Morris women took Teen Vogue guests under a typical day of an agent, male, female, gay, bi, and/or trans.  An agent is still an agent.

One of the roles of being an agent, is first, build a client's career then guide and groom to further expand their client's career, "break them out of the box."

This is where brainstorming comes.  Especially for girls and women, there is one thing they learn from the "Big Boys," bring something to the table.

It doesn't mean bring a dish of food to the table (unless, you're representing a Food Network/Bravo Top Chef star chef, then by all means do bring dishes to the table).  

This means if you have an idea that you can contribute to help a client's career or project, by all means "Do It!"  This is the real "Bring Something to the Table."

With William Morris women guiding the way, they gave welcome, acceptance, and confidence to have Teen Vogue girls a voice and confidence to use that voice in a professional but mature accepting a William Morris Endeavor conference room.  Remember, these current women agents want fresh ideas from unlikely fans who want to further their clients'/celebrity idols' careers.

Free from judgement of appearance then focus on empathy, heart, and brains, Teen Vogue guests' pitch session where they offer next-step advice to actual William Morris Endeavor clients in how to expand and further their careers, were respected as welcomed and impressed veteran William Morris women with these fresh Points of Views and ideas, These women agents shielded and protected Teen Vogue guests from jerky jeers.  No mocking assholes allowed at Teen Vogue.

Emma Stone came in on a conference video, wishing all the Teen Vogue girls encouragement and well wishes for their pitch session.

Obviously, William Morris Endeavor are looking for the next generation of women agents and producers from Teen Vogue Summit. But, they also gave fresh career opportunities and ideas that these girls would had never thought.  The all new Girls' Club.

Ok, for those who can only dreamt of being hair stylists, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylists, The Wall Group is here to help.

Juicy Couture's creative director and celebrity stylist, Jamie Mizrahi, simply and bluntly told aspiring stylists that you're always on your feet. So, super stylish and super comfortable sneakers come in handy.  Stylists are always picking up, driving, and delivering boxes of clothes from client to set.  No high heels. No constrictive pencil skirts.  

A ballet scoop neck bodysuit,, good and comfortable pair of jeans, and super hip, comfortable sneakers are a real stylist's real daily uniform.

To amp up a busy stylist's looks, hair stylist and makeup artist from The Wall Group, crimped and twirled Jamie's first two locks to better frame her face.  The makeup artist suggest using the wildest eyeshadow in a palette as eyeliner.

Quick and easy looks for a super busy stylist.

Teen Vogue Summit is a gateway and idea opportunities for all types of girls, who bring fresh perspectives to the table yet, they let you know that you're not alone.

The new Girls' Club, girl powering.

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