Monday, November 5, 2012

Reverse French for the Elections 2012

By Laura Medina

Essie is continuously hunting for the emerging trends reflecting today's society at that particular moment.

One of their Fall Collections 2012, obviously, reflects the issues concerning their customers, but they lend a sense of humor to them.

The two major trends in their current Fall Collection is the 2012 Presidential Election and HBO's "Broadwalk Empire."

The hottest nail polishes are "Skirting the Issue," an exquisite, fashionable burgundy wine, and "Miss Fancy Pants", a refined, chic, greige, a wink-wink nod to the candidates and the campaign.

What the Essie trend team saw from the New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week was the "Reversed French" Manicure influenced by the Flappers from HBO's "Broadwalk Empire." 

Interestingly, the gray base and burgundy overcoat are the exact same colors Flappers wore in the Twenties.

At the base of the cuticle, paint "Miss Fancy Pants" covering the lower half of the nails, whether it be a stripe or an oval.

You paint the rest of the nails with "Skirting the Issue", painting and forming an oval or an half-moon over the griege "Miss Fancy Pants" at the base.

Now, your tips are polished for the polls tomorrow.

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