Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank Franklin + Gower for Giving Us a New Holiday Tradition...Customized Blazers

By Laura Medina

The Franklin + Gower Atelier has opened in the heart of Hollywood.

What has been an online-only operation for two years, the founder, Christopher "Paco" McCauley, realized he needed to open Franklin + Gower headquarters into an atelier to better fit customers' needs for customized blazers, sassy shorts, and swim trunks.

In addition to snappy clothes made with traditional preference for quality fabric and built with respect for crafted construction and modern fit, he want to bring back quality service in order to deliver quality clothes.

By giving customers a personalized, hands-on experience, McCauley is not only bringing East Coast Prep heritage for quality fabrication with West Coast dashing casual hipness, he is giving customers the hands-on experience of English tradition tailoring of personalized fittings and customerization by adding and mixing collar and cuff linings, lapels, trims, and pipings.

At 6671 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1510 in Los Angeles, this is where American heritage (The McCauleys have been in the apparel business since the American Revolution War) and bespoken fittings meet modern-day Californian contemporary sportswear.

To experience couture sportswear, one has to call (866) 323-0213 or (323) 308-1141 for an appointment first, once it is set, you are set.

Paco McCauley modeling lightweight, corduroy russet orange "Own the Room" Blazer from the men's line. His look crosses over from office to outdoor.

Paco's wife, Sally Horchow, is the model of the new and true Modern-Day Preppy Lady, a sharp purple "Look at Me" Blazer, simply accessorized with a pocket scarf. The ladies' jackets have a more tailored tuxedo construction to skim over a woman's more shapely torso with shorter 3/4 quarter sleeves to better fit a woman's shorter arms for an ease of movement and comfort.

Katie Holmes is the latest celebrity to join Franklin + Gower's growing legion of celebrity fans, whether it's Robery Downey, Jr. trotting around in trousers with customized piping to Katie jaunting around town in this jaunty red corduroy blazer, Franklin + Gower is the pioneer of "Haute Hollywood," where Hollywood Hip meets Bespoken Tailoring with East Coast quality.

Customers can sip from the Tiki Bar/Changing Room while trying on samples and prototypes to get a general idea of what she or he is looking for in an outfit.

From there, a stylist can jot the basic construction style then go over with her or him swatches of shell, lining, lapel, and collar linings, cuffs, trims, and piping choices for any size and body shape.

Before they know it, they can have a one-of-a-kind blazer that is unique her or his own.

The ladies samples/prototype rack of tuxedo blazers and shorts is on the left side of the atelier...

while the gentlemen's sample/prototype rack of jackets, trousers, polo shirts, and swim trunks are on the left side.

With the holiday shopping madness fast approaching, save yourself the headache and use Franklin + Gower's 15% discount towards the end of November and give a new family heirloom that future generations will be fighting over, a soon-to-be cool closet classic.

Why regift the novelty Christmas sweater that will spend eons being passed over, when you can start a new holiday tradition of giving friends and family...and yourself a well-tailored Franklin + Gower Blazer that can be worn year-around and beyond.

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