Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is a Cabaret for Valerjie Pobea

By Laura Medina

For Fall 2011 at Los Angele's Concept Fashion Week at the esteem ACE Gallery, life is a cabaret.

Ms. Pobea mined another little-known Seventie's fad, the movie "Cabaret." The movie that launched Liza Minnelli's singing and acting career.

It was also the precusor to punk and goth, the pale foundation and the black, smudged eyeshadow and lipstick which ironically was considered trendy makeup to the emerging influence of early, silent movies where contrasting cosmetics is needed to express facial emotions on the screen.

Late Thirties Germany was also the decadent and liberating louche Weimar Republic where formerly repressed Germans let loose in the nightclub, and hence, the cabaret scene.

A model doing the Charleston.
Ms. Pobea evoke the sinster and naughty vibe in a theaterical clown ruff collar and severly black, wool Germanic military maxi dress and coat.
She made good use of the closest-sized installation room where most of the designers held their live art performance/presentations. Her third model was the livliest. Her third model channel Liza Minnelli, dancing the Charleston, and slithering with a chair in the Kit Kat Klub.
For a fashion event that aimed to showcase the hip and the cool of predominately Downtown Los Angeles, the alternative to West Hollywood facade, Ms. Pobea stood out among the hipsters with her energetic installation.

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