Monday, June 28, 2010

Tumi teaches you how to pack, stuff, and tuck it all in

By Laura Medina
A Tumi representative shows the zippered pocket for the IPad from Alpha T-Pass Laptop Bag.

If jamming your clothes, your IPhone, your sneakers, your loafers, your socks, your underwear, and whatever what-nots into a jumbled mess into a duffel bag makes you not want to travel or get away, Tumi has the solutions for the traveling man.

For the techno guy on the go who needs his gear wherever whenever, Tumi redesigned its Alpha T-Pass Laptop into an office in a bag.

This TSA-friendly tote, not only has secured zippered compartments to protect your notebook. By unzippering it completely flat, you can shove the whole bag through the x-ray without taking out your notebook, making it easier on you, the other folks, and the TSA screeners.

The Alpha T-Pass Laptop Bag comes with this Slim Power Adaptor pack.

No need to pack extra and separate chargers for this and that so they can all lost in the deep recesses of your bag. Tumi thinks of everything. Their Alpha T-Pass Laptop Bag comes with this Slim Power Adaptor pack for all with multiple tips and plug-ins for all sorts of electronics. When times do change and your technology does change, Tumi will offer new tips, free with service. In fact, all the tips are free with service.

The front left pocket comes with a internet cable for your notebook while the smaller, front right pocket comes with a nifty umbrella.

If hauling this bag is still too much for you, you can carry Tumi's portable charger in your own pockets and carry Tumi's zippered pouch for your notebook and wallet as a impromptu briefcase. The chargers last for four to five charges before you need to juice it up.

The four-wheeling Vapor carry-on suitcase.

Where and how to carry your wardrobe?

Tumi's new light and tough Vapor collection makes you into 007 in this polycarbonate sleek, gray case.

This carry-on tilts and wheezes by on 360 degrees wheels.

Tumi suggests you use the left section for your wardrobe and the right compartment for your toiletries, accessories, and laundry.

This Tumi representative uses the mesh pouch to store his undergarments and socks. Other loyal fans use this as their laundry bag.

For a few extra bucks and for easier packing and organization, you can use Tumi's intriguing folding packs to store, organize, and protect your wardrobe.

This representative uses two, one for day wear and the second for eveningwear.

Unfold the pack flat until it's a cross. In the middle of the cross, following the guide book that comes with the pack, fold your jeans or slacks first into a square, then your shirt and top it off with one or two belts. Then take all four legs of the folding pack and overlap them into a neat cube. This way, your wardrobe is neatly pack and literally squared and tucked away.

Whenever an occasion calls, all you have to do is take out one of the folding packs and your entire outfit is already cooridnated and prepared.

Once squared away, pull out the extended handle, top the Alpha T-Pass Laptop Bag onto the Vapor Carry-On and you're ready for your tour or vacation.

Regardless if you're global trekker, a jet-setter, or hiker, Tumi makes sure you have everything at your hands.

Did this scribe mention Tumi monograms free of charge?!

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