Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now, You Can Dress Like a Gossip Girl-More Affordable Than You Think

Blair Waldorf, a.k.a., Leighton Meester in Tulle's Navy Patent Trench Coat
By Laura Medina

Watching "Gossip Girl," have you ever dreamt about assertively strutting around Manhattan's Upper East Side as Blair Waldorf, Park Avenue princess and the twenty-first century's prim and proper queen bee?

Now, you can. Ms. Waldorf's youthful but ladylike chic can be yours for under $100, thanks to the people who actually outfit the cast of "Gossip Girl."

If you go directly to Tulle's site,, you can instantly buy the exact same Navy Patent Trench Coat that Leighton Meester wore earlier this season in the series.

For only $67.80, Ms. Waldorf's look can be yours. Tulle's Patent Trench Coat comes in Navy, such as the one above and what Ms. Meester is wearing in the top photo.

However, it does come in deep crimson red for that retro Seventies style and classic black for that sleek European look.

Since, it comes under $100, you can afford three different looks with each different coat in all three colors.

Don't worry if you prefer to stick to one coat for now. Each trench coat is a wardrobe investment in its own right.

In March 30th's Monday night episode of "Remains of the J," Ms. Waldorf's evil minions faithfully follow their leader's lead by also wearing Tulle while confronting Serena van der Woodsen in the school hallway.

In that scene, on the left, Izzy (played by Nicole Fiscella) wears Tulle's vintage wool coat in Basil for $96.00.
To the right of her, Hazel (played by Dreama Walker) is clad in Tulle's soft wool tapered coat in Ruby, currently retailing for $77.50.
You don't have to pretend you can only be a "Gossip Girl" during the day and outside, or in Winter and Fall.

You can be a complete "Gossip Girl" during the evening and inside, even during your off-hours, such as cast member, Nicole Fiscella, in Foley and Corrina, another brand outfitting the prime time series.
If Foley and Corrina's Ombre Fringe Swing Dress can help Ms. Fiscella wow them on the red carpet and in the television series as Izzy, then they can make you a knock-out on a date or on a girls night out.

See, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on actual high-end, established couture to look like a Park Avenue princess.

The fashion from "Gossip Girl" is actually attainable and most importantly, affordable.

Soon, you can be a Gossip Girl year around, fooling people that you spend a fortune on your impeccable wardrobe when, in actuality, you saved tons of money.

Now, this is Classic Chic.

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