Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Treats for Your Sweet...

Heart Lock from Dooney & Bourke Desk Set
By Laura Medina
February 3, 2009
And not on your hips.
These Valentine keepsakes are valuable as they are useful.

Dooney & Bourke Valentine Desk Set

They say if you want your heart desires to come true, you either visualize it or jot it down. Eventually, all of them will materialize.
If you secretly like somebody or care and love those around you, you can help them out for under $100 with this special red leather patent Dooney & Bourke Desk Set for $65.
It has the essentials for making your wish come true. Or, if you need a practical but thoughtful wedding gift later this Spring and Summer, you can buy the bride this gift set then she'll write you these "Thank You" notes using these cards already included in this set.
The plush red leather paper weight will your entries in your diary nice, neat, and align.
If you really want your dreams to come true or have a really chic travel scrapbook, scribble and paste your photos in the matching red journal that comes with a heart lock and keys to keep them top secret.
If you cut and paste any of the following gifts in your journals, perhaps your true love will get you...

Fratelli Rosetti's sandals
A pair of these strappy Fratelli Rosetti sandals in red, of course, for that romantic night on the town.
Maybe, you want to take advantage of all those Bahama discount get-aways...
Gottex Red Ruffle Bikini

in this red bikini with dainty ruffles by Gottex.

Carnival Double Finger Ring

If you're more romantic and old fashion at heart, these heart-felt mementos, from Little Rooms by Ester Delug, with a vintage touch will touch your heart.
Connecting with her childhood memories of playing with her dollhouse, Ms. Delug uses miniature features as keyholes and toy furnitures and knickknacks as the main focal points for her enchanting jewelry line.

Entry Lock Belt

If you find the cute rings a little too precious for everyday wear or if you want something with more attitude, Ms. Delug has you covered in this black leather belt with a gold vermeil Entry Lock Buckle. It also comes in sterling silver. This can softens a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Lock Cuff

Another bold option is her Lock Cuff, an entry into your own soul.

Entry Lock Pendant

A good conversation starter in a bar or a club is this Entry Lock Pendant, a daringly feminine insignia.

Stork Scissor Necklace and Ring

Subtly switching from Victorian to Art Nouveau, this subversively sexy bird-slash-pair of scissor can unleash passions if viewed closely by an piqued paramour.

If unattached, use this Stork Scissor jewelry to set your confidence free for a new adventure in life, with or without a mate.

Don't worry. Ester Delug's Stork will lead you to your soul mate.

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