Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honeyed Fashion

Honeyed Fashion
By Laura Medina
In celebrating the eightieth anniversary of Winnie The Pooh, Disney artists worldwide collaborated with Kidada Jones, composer/arranger Quincy Jones’ daughter and fashion designer/stylist, in creating a limited edition sportswear line using Winnie The Pooh in graphic prints. It lines up with Disney’s special art book paying homage to the soulful bear, “The Art of Winnie the Pooh,” where each artist interprets the bear and his friends in each artist’s unique style.
After reinterpreting childhood memories of Tinkerbell and Alice in Wonderland into hipster icons, Disney gave Kidada free rein in redesigning Winnie into a special collection of trendy streetwear for young grown-ups, proving you could never out-grow Winnie.
The Disney artists reflect their own tastes and personality onto Winnie, using him as a canvas conveying their more mature and complicated sense of humor, anxiety, loneliness, contentment, and joy. Some even poke fun at Disney culture itself. John T. Quinn’s portrait of an amusement park employee singing his lungs out in a Winnie costume is ironic as it is humorous.
These sketches aren’t mere animation cells but rare and one-of-a-kind artwork diving into the human soul. While, others distill the simplicity of joy that Pooh represents. The serenity of childhood was expressed in a cuddly painting by Elizabeth Ryazantseva and Ed Andaluz, a toddler girl snug in her Winnie onsie hoodie playing with Piglet. A touching comment on childhood innocence and joy.
The Joy of Pooh was further reflected in the yummy buffet of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and oodles of pastries, throwing adult diet anxieties out the window. The rainbow of candy would do a bear proud. A brief window of time where everyone can just be a kid.

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