Friday, July 20, 2018

Flower Cosmetic's Drew Barrymore, Snoop Dogg on Haircare & Jessic Simpson Makeup Demo at BeautyCon LA 2018.

By Laura Medina

Drew Barrymore always yearn to be a real person among real people.  Can't blame her, with her chaotic Hollywood childhood and thespian family history.

She's also aware that she got a free fashion and makeup education from her former father-in-law, former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

Basically, her Flower Beauty is her way to gaining revenue, long after her acting career is over and connecting with her fan base at an affordable price point in attainable places, like Wal-Mart.

She returned the favor back to her legions of fans at the recent BeautyCon LA.  

This was also the same time she launched her fragrances line and a new mascara for her Flower Beauty.  Her appearance visit was a unexpected surprise for BeautyCon LA.

Fans cheered when surprise guest, Snoop Dogg talked about being all-natural with his dreads, no weaves, no extension but just a lot of conditioning and pampering then wrapping them all up.  Of course, he has to rap for crowds of fans.

Blonde bombshell mom, Jessica Simpson did a makeup demo when she released a beauty secret, six layers of false lashes then top them off with black mascara.

Jessica used her makeup demonstration to promote her newest beauty endeavor, 
Beauty Fiend,, her new line of makeup brushes.

BeautyCon LA is now the bomb.

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